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Meeting Notes 66

Todays Meeting Notes I’m going to do something a little different. First I’m going to give you the thumbnails and sketches I did for an illustration to accompany a story about active gaming (i.e. Wii and the like), then I’ll show you the finished product.

These are the original sketches I did. The last one is the one I ended up going with.

I blew it up on the copier and inked it, then scanned it in:

I then went back in and did a little clean up (shortened the guys arm, fixed the woman’s mouth, etc.).

And finally I colored it in Photoshop.

And bob’s your uncle.


Meeting Notes 65

Hello and welcome to Meeting Notes Volume 13. Overall I’m pretty pleased with this volume, I think there is some nice stuff in here along with a lot of fun characters.

This volume encompasses August to early November of 07 and is fairly representative of what you will get in the coming weeks, i.e. buildings and characters. Hope you like them.