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10.03.10 4.0

Welcome to the new and improved A brand new design running on lovely WordPress instead of clunky old Blogger.

It’s been quite a long time since my last post and this is mostly to due to the fact that I’ve been transferring this site and my other site over to WordPress. And since I’ve never used WordPress before this meant learning how to move them. Thing should be all up and running now though.

I hope to get posting up to a more consistent level as I have lots of fountain pens still to review.

Have a poke around, kick the tires, blow the dust of and let me know what you think.


Traitor Joes

Greetings to anybody accidentally landing here whilst looking for the Greenpeace website Traitor Joe’s. I am in no way affiliated with their website and didn’t even know it existed until I noticed the spike in traffic here.

I’ve had the domain for years and am not just attempting to cash in.

Look around if you like, or you can click here to go to Greenpeace site.