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Fitted Sheets 01

I have always contended that it is impossible to fold a fitted sheet and that the best one could hope for was a vaguely rectangular result. I would scoff at peoples claims otherwise.

Well recently for work I had to do a series of illustration demonstrating that not only was it possible to fold a fitted sheet, but also how to do it.

Since I have been very lax lately about putting up meeting notes (I’ve scanned a bunch in and should have some for next Friday), I thought I would put up these over the next week.

I present you with step one in sketch and final form. I would just like to note here that these were done on a Cintiq tablet that we had in the department for a few days, and if any one ever wanted to get me one of these as a gift I wouldn’t turn it down.

I’m not going to put up the copy that went along with these, as if I’ve done my job, the illustrations should tell the whole story.