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Pen Junkie, Part 10: Pilot M90

It’s been far too long since I’ve done one of these reviews, but it’s not for lack of subjects, believe me. While I’ve managed to keep my pen-purchasing under control for the most part I still have quite a back log waiting for their time in the sun.

Those are going to have to wait, though, because a few weeks ago I bought a pen I’ve been lusting after for years. Sort of.

I was browsing the new items at one of my favorite online pen stores Jet Pens, when I came across a photo of the Pilot M90. And before I knew what was happening my mouse was clicking “add to cart” and I’d just spent more on a pen than I ever had before. By a significant margin. I’m not going to tell you how much, but if you’re curious I’m sure you can find it online with little trouble.

The Pilot M90 is the new, limited-edition anniversary release of a classic design, the Murex MYU 701. I have lusted after this pen since the first time I saw it, but with prices on ebay often topping out at $300 I was forced to admire it from afar. This new anniversary edition is nearly identical to the original as far as I can tell (never actually having handled one in person).

This pen is a classic of clean modern design. I love the way the nib is integrated into the body. And the long cap help keeps the form factor compact while closed but comfortable when posted. We’ve seen this feature picked up in other pens in recent years like the Ohto Tasche I reviewed earlier (still the post that drives the most traffic to my site). I’m not a big fan of ornate frilly pens for the most part, so the streamlined look of this pen suites me just fine.

Looks will only get you so far, if a pen doesn’t write well it will just end up sitting in the display case no matter how cool it looks. And this pen delivers. I opted for the fine nib (which as per usual with Asian pens is more like an extra-fine by western standards). It has a pretty sturdy nib so there isn’t a lot of variation in the line width but this thing writes like butter. Ultra smooth and without a hint of the scratchy you can sometimes get with less expensive pens.

Like I said, the price tag is a little high, but it was cheaper than picking up the original. And for satisfying a long held desire to own this amazing design alone it was well worth it. If I had to lodge a complaint it would be the fact that although it takes a converter, it doesn’t come with one. For as much as this pen costs, would it kill them to throw one in?

I sort of feel like I’ve found my “one pen to rule them all”, but I’m sure that won’t stop me picking up others on occasion.