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Remodel, Part 3: The Rest Of The Bedroom

I think the last time I updated about the grand remodel project that is my condo we had just finished painting half of the bedroom, after which we took a break for a couple of months before continuing. We had to move the bed to the other side of the room in order to work on the walls behind.

Now as I’ve said before, about 90% of the surface area of my place was covered in the same awful textured wallpaper that had to come down before painting could commence. Well the wall behind the bed was even worse as the previous owners had painted over the wallpaper (something that has been suggested to me numerous times as a short cut) and the result was like a particularly rough sandpaper. So that had to come down as well. Only, when I started to remove it, the paper started taking up huge swaths of sheet rock:

So I then had to go in and scrape off the bits left behind before I could go in and fix the cracks and resurface.

This all took a few months (as I move quite slowly on theses types of projects).

Well finally, over this past three-day weekend, I managed to finish the primiring and painting and rehanging of closet doors:

And last night, after we returned from seeing Pan’s Labyrinth (excellent) we moved the bed back to it’s original position and put the bedroom back in order.

Now all we have to do is get a real bed frame and side tables and it will look a bit of all right.

Next projects on the agenda: 1) Front hall closet and 2) Rehang doors in studio.

Stay tuned


Remodel, Part 2: Primering and Painting

So after a long hiatus, work has resumed on the bedroom. We finished sanding down the walls. and the proceeded straight to the primering.

Here are the walls with 2 layers of white primer.

And after one layer of a special grey-tinted primer that is supposed to be good for color, allowing you to get even coverage with fewer coats. We’ll see how well it works.

And look! It works great! Here are the walls with only one coat of Fragrant Cloves, our chosen color. Looks good, I think 2 coats will probably do it! Last time I had to do, like three or four coats of the blue, and more of the red.

In person, the orange is darker than it appears here. I’m very happy with the color.

Next we need to move the bed and finish the other (much smaller) half of the room. Peel, resurface, and paint. The fun never ends…